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Theo: Tight lines everybody!!! Have a great weekend and chat again on TUESDAY 8)
Webster: "LIKE"
Theo: Tex, anywhere on the water with a bass rod in the hand is a great time :D :D
Texan: i hope so bud. might just pot around murrys tomorrow.
Theo: By tomorrow this time my arms will be tired from battling with all the mammas I am catching at Boskop :P
Texan: hay hay Theo!
Theo: Hallo hallo hallo 8)
Texan: Morning All!
Basslover: His boat is looking good!! A lot better then what I did....
Theo: So Oosthuizen, when are we seeing the pics of your boat?? Put them on and we can follow the progress 8)
Theo: Thanks Bassa, same to you 8)
Bassaholic: Good luck bud. I might be there on Sunday
Theo: Our biggest handbrake for fishing at this stage is the constant change in pressures! It varies between 1015hPA and 1023hPA and our green friends do not like this very much :S
Theo: For sure!!!! Looking at the weather it might well be the same weather for the comp, so pre fish is good idea :D
Bassaholic: Morning guys. I see a tough prefish this weekend is on the cards.
Theo: Hallo hallo hallo 8)
Dewald: Morning morning guys
Lynx: safi check in recent thread "Hitting Boskop tomorrow" for report/photos from last weekend where some of us were down there
galloway: thx! Theo will definitly try my best just try to get all the required stuff and join u guys it really looks like some good fun and experience
Theo: Wie is jou oom????? Ek het nie met jou tannie getrou nie :S
Ettiene: Oom Theo!! dis die beste advise! Kom fish saam TBC. ;)
safi: howsit guys , hows boskop fishing ?
Theo: I just wish the barometer pressures will drop now and settle :S . Until that happens, we will keep digging very deep to find our green friends :(
Theo: Our next comp is at Boskop and the guys got into some nice bass with frogs there this weekend
Theo: Your best bet and information source will be to come and join us at the comps! It is much easier to explain it while on the water than on paper 8)
galloway: what i actually intrested in is someone to tell me and may when get change to show me how to fish with the frog O.O i bought this little floatable frog dont know what its called !! but the salesrep told me guarenteed fish : :D :D hunderd bugs late and got it for almost 8mths and could not land a fish!!i dont know what i"m doing wrong :_(
Theo: Bassaholic and 6Bass9 are the Springs boys! They should be able to tell you more about venues in and around Springs 8)
galloway: 8) don"t stress will get there somehow :D
Theo: Sorry, but if I hear that name again it will be the second time :D
galloway: thx Theo!i also heard that one can fish miragepan also close to Nigel is that true!Also never been there!and how to get there
Theo: I do not think so! But you pay for day visitors a lot more than members would
galloway: Ok thx i will definitly try it out
galloway: is it not a private venue and u need to be a member!
Theo: 90% of the bass came from the "river" section on our last comp and the rest from the area by the day visitors
galloway: i can remember there close to the damwall is a camping site but i been further down the river if it is a river :D but could'nt see if any caught anything
Theo: Tooooo many spots to choose from!!! Reeds most of the way and then the odd tree or three and then some serious drops and rocks

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TOPIC: Injaka Dam 29th January

Injaka Dam 29th January 2 years 2 months ago

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We held our monthly competition as usual Injaka Dam.

We got to the dam to slight rain and drizzle as appose to the blistering heat we normally encounter. We launched and within an hour we realized it was another day of quotes like `i don`t understand it, the weather is perfect for fishing today` or` i just don`t know where the bloody fish are`.

We fished for 3/4 of the competition throwing everything we had in the boat (sorry, didnt throw the anchor, but was tempted!) but had nothing but small shoals following the lure all of the way to the boat. The most followed seemed to be either the STORM swimmerbait rig or the mojo rigged grub in watermelon seed.

We inherited another fisherman on the boat as his lift had fallen through and he had hooked into two reasonable fish but lost both on the way to the boat before i finally hooked one. A small fish took the storm rig. i would estimate that the fish was maybe 300g. Thought that the day was a bit of a right off and so threw the fish back in instead of hi m going into the livewell.

About half an hour later i felt the grub shake and set the hook into what i originally thought was a stump. Then it started moving slowly around the brush. After a short fight my buddy Chris lipped a nice bass of over 2kg. We weighed it quickly on the scales on the boat and this one did make the livewell.

Nothing else until the end of the comp!!!

We got back to the launch thinking that a 2 kg fish would stand a chance for biggest fish as we normally have one or maybe two fish over 2kg in a comp here. We weighed in the one fish at 2.18kg (my personal best at Injaka) and i compiled the results. six fish over 2kg in this competition!!!!. The biggest for the day was 2.54kg! The best bag was 7.04kg followed by 5.4kg and then right down to 2.54kg. If we had of kept that one little fish we would have been third place! Bugger!.

Oh well lesson learnt!!!!

Strange day on the water but we somehow managed to salvage a 4th place with just the one fish. Hard day though!!!!!

Didnt even get a chance to take a picture as i had to compile the results of the competition and my phone camera died on me.

I will just have to catch a bigger one then!!!!
3kg fish, I am coming for you!!!!
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Re: Injaka Dam 29th January 2 years 2 months ago

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Congrats on your 4th place Buddy ;)

"Its all about the attitude"
Kevin Van Dam
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Re: Injaka Dam 29th January 2 years 2 months ago

  • madporra
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That dam, eish .... that dam ...... it still has me STUMPED LOL!

So much timber, so little fish.
Ok let's revise that ...... So much timber, so little fish where I threw my lure ..

Nice going, I think those dams out there are some of the most difficult to fish, yikes ......
TBC 2013 Co-organiser 2013

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Re: Injaka Dam 29th January 2 years 2 months ago

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i was talking to texan and he told me of the versatility of the grub and i was going to stop fishing it but remembered the conversation.

So I think the credit goes to Tristan!!! Cheers Buddy, your words of wisdom were remembered!!!
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